About us

Mamá Sana was born in 2015 with the aim of creating a space to experience motherhood from the point of view of personalized and specific attention, trying to cover all the needs of women at different stages of life (pregnancy, postpartum, age adulthood and menopause) and those arising from parenting.


A highly recommended multidisciplinary clinic. I trusted them in my first pregnancy and since then I have not stopped holding workshops, childbirth preparation, pediatric physio, physio, midwife, sports activities. So much so that I repeat and will repeat a thousand times carla rodriguez - Customer
I wanted to congratulate the Mama Sana team for their professionalism and kindness. Since I'm pregnant, I've been attending gym and swimming classes, and both Barbara and her entire team, physio, (Ceci) eco, (Sofía) reception…(Isa) make you feel at home ♥️ Patricia Rodriguez - Customer
I wanted to congratulate the Mama Sana team for their professionalism and kindness, from the moment you walk through the door they make you feel at home. We couldn't have made a better choice because moments as special as seeing your baby's face are unique and that magic Only those who put passion into their work create it. Alba Martin - Customer
A center specialized in pregnancy and everything that surrounds it. Physios, nutrition, assessment and care of the pelvic floor, specialized exercise, even beauty and care of the little ones. A place where you can feel safe, informed and cared for before, during and after giving birth. All in one! Nuria Brianso - Customer
The best center in all of Oviedo, the only one that cares for pregnant women in a specialized way with authentic professionals. The classes are fun and enjoyable. They also have activities for those who are not pregnant and workshops. It has a physiotherapy and psychological clinic. I recommend 100% Laura Alvarez - Customer
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